Where can I purchase Amelene collagen?
You can order Amelene Collagen through these channels:
Facebook : Amelene Collagen
Line: @amelene

What is the shelf life of Amelene Collagen Amelene collagen
2 years from the manufacturing date

Where is Amelene Collagen sourced from?
Our collagen is extracted from Japanese Salmon. With innovative technology, the molecule of the collagen is tri-peptides which considered the smallest molecule and can be absorbed much faster than other types of collagen.

Should I take Amelene collagen on daily basis?
Yes, you should consume 1 packet (2,000 mg.) every day. For maximum absorption, we recommend our product to be taken in the morning before breakfast.

What are the side effects of taking Amelene Collagen?
Based on the study, there is no negative effects of consuming collagen for a long period of time. But since the collagen is extracted from the Salmon, it should not be consumed by anyone allergic to seafood.

Has Amelene Collagen been tested for Quality and Safety?
Our collagen has gone through thorough quality and safety tests conducted by the Thai FDA . Our FDA number is 72-1-14257-5-0012 Our product also has a certification of origin from Japan.

What is Collagen?
Collagen is a type of amino acid that is essential in our bodies. It helps repairing and strengthening our skin, joint, tendon, ligament, hair, and nails.

How does Amelene Collagen work?
Amelene Collagen works from within to promote skin, hair, nail, and tendon healths.
Our collagen is a tri-peptide which has the smallest molecules among other types of collagen, meaning that it has a higher absorption rate compared to the rest. After the collagen is absorbed better and faster at empty stomach.

When will I see/feel the result?
You can expect to see results after 1-2 boxes of taking the product on a daily consecutive level.

Can Amelene collagen be used while pregnant?
Amelene collagen is 100% natural without any synthetics or artificial ingredients, with no serious side effects; however, it is not recommended during pregnancy.