About Amelene

At Amelene we are committed to the developing and delivering of the safest and highest quality supplement products that will truly improve your wellness from the inside out. Our products are 100% natural without any synthetics or artificial ingredients. This natural product will help improve your wellbeing while incorporating it with a healthy diet and exercise. We believe that health is beauty, and that everyone should take care of their health. So let us, Amelene, take care of your mind, body, and general wellbeing.

About our collagen

The term “Collagen” has been synonymously incorporated for several years in the supplement market. In Thailand, our team Amelene, has conducted research and found out that the majority of collagen products focus only on the superficial beauty of the skin while Amelene collagen can also be used to improve the health of nails, hair, and joints. Many brands mix their collagen with other substances to create a dietary supplement in order to enhance the beauty of the skin (e.g. … smoother and brighter skin tone). We at Amelene believe that this is a dangerous approach to ingest unknown substances beside collagen into your body of which can accumulate into your liver and kidneys which may cause serious harm to your body. Amelene Collagen offers the purest tri-peptides collagen that are imported from Japan into the Thai market without any artificial and synthetic ingredients. As a result, our collagen is colorless and tasteless.

Who should take Amelene Collagen

Anyone who wants to improve their health of nails, skin, hair, tendons, ligaments, and joints. Especially elder and anyone who performs exercise regularly.